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Deb's Personal Tips for How to Create a Stunning Holiday Centerpiece
Many times friends just drop by our home over the holidays and there isn't time to set a beautiful table on the fly.

That's why the first areas I decorate are my dining and buffet tables--the gathering places for food, friendship and festivities.

You can transform your dining area into a stunning focal point through color, scale,shapes and layers.

1.  First give some thought to the ambiance you want to create.  Elegant and sophisticated?  Warm and inviting?  Whimsical?  Coastal?

2.  The theme should help you decide the dominant colors: Like palettes of creamy whites and metallic golds.  Traditional reds and greens.  Or seafood blues and greens.  

3.  Next, anchor your space with an accessory to make a statement. Place an odd number (one or three) of the same object in the center or at each end of the space.  For example, tall candle holders, or metallic reindeer, or a decorative vase.

4.  Then, begin to layer with a variety of fresh or flocked greenery, boxwood, garland or colored plumes.

5.  Almost there.  Nest in ornaments of various sizes, finishes, shapes and colors.  

6.  Let there be light!  For the finishing touch, add candle light or flickering rope lights or use battery-powered lighted ornaments. 

It's super easy to change out your dinnerware to accommodate a full course meal or simply hors d' oeuvres and dessert--without having to rearrange your centerpiece.    

Stop by our showroom for more ideas.  It's brimming with holiday decor and you are sure to find just what you need.